How to Start Diamond Casino Heist with Friends?

How to Start Diamond Casino Heist with Friends?

How to Start Diamond Casino Heist with Friends?

The Diamond Casino Heist can only be played by 2, 3, or 4 players; one person is not permitted to participate. This means that the final take can be split in many different ways. When you finish the heist, different things will also affect how much money you get.

Click “Options” and go to your friends list to add a buddy to your current session. Next, find the friend you want to invite and click “Send Game Invite” next to their name. As simple as that, you’ve just invited your friend to your current session.

The Diamond Casino Heist

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino Heist presents an exciting and profitable opportunity to plan a high-stakes heist. Careful planning is necessary to guarantee a positive outcome.

Crew Selection

A successful diamond casino heist depends on assembling a competent and trustworthy workforce. Each team member should contribute special talents and skills that support the selected strategy. To overcome the problems ahead, the crew needs to work together and communicate well.

Choose crew members who are strong in particular areas. For instance, having a hacker on the team can help a lot with getting past security measures, while an excellent driver can handle getaway cars during the escape. Ensure each team member is aware of their responsibilities and capable of carrying them out successfully.

Additionally, it’s important to look for crew members who are trustworthy and reliable. A well-organized and reliable workforce will boost success rates and reduce the likelihood of issues during the heist.

Equipment Acquisition

Getting the right tools is essential for a successful diamond casino heist. The equipment required is determined by the strategy used and the unique requirements identified during setup missions.

Prioritize getting powerful weapons, body armor, and armored vehicles for the aggressive strategy. These will offer the firepower and defense required to survive the heavy fighting anticipated during the theft.

Invest in hacking tools, silent weaponry, and night-vision goggles when using silent and sneaky strategies. With these gadgets, you can navigate the casino covertly, get over security measures, and subdue guards.

Planning Phase

A critical part of getting ready for Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino Heist is planning.

Approach Selection

Your theft strategy will be your first choice throughout the planning stage. The three options are aggressive, silent, sneaky, and the big con. Each strategy has its difficulties and demands a particular playing style. Consider the crew members’ skills and shortcomings to select the best strategy.

The aggressive method relies heavily on sheer force. Be prepared for intense battle and fierce security force opposition. Players who thrive in combat and can endure stressful situations should use this strategy. Don’t forget to equip yourself with powerful weapons and body armor to improve your chances of winning.

The silent and sneaky strategy emphasizes discretion and evading notice. To stealthily take down guards, you’ll need to be skilled at remaining unseen, using suppressed weapons, and working with your team. The use of disguises and hacking abilities will be essential to this strategy. To carry out your theft secretly, get silenced weapons and hacking equipment ready.

The Big Con strategy entails dressing up as maintenance or casino employees to enter restricted areas. To avoid suspicion, you must carefully prepare your disguises and behave convincingly. This strategy largely relies on deceit and social engineering. Use appropriate attire and a plausible cover narrative to fool the casino’s security.

Gathering Equipment

After deciding on your strategy, it’s time to obtain the required tools for the robbery. Depending on your preferred strategy, Lester will provide the necessary supplies. The equipment may consist of getaway cars, hacking tools, and other tools designed specifically for your strategy.

For the aggressive strategy, you’ll need tough getaway cars that can resist a lot of gunfire. It is advised to use armored vehicles or motorcycles. Stock up on heavy weapons, body armor, and ammunition to improve your ability to survive in battle.

Hacking tools are necessary for the silent and sneaky strategy to get around security measures. Ensure that each team member has access to enough hacking tools. Using night vision goggles and suppressed guns will also help you stay hidden. To crack safely, obtain thermal charges as well.

Purchasing the necessary disguises and attire is essential for The Big Con’s strategy. Identify the best strategy for breaking into the casino by consulting your staff. To fit in, dress up as janitors, maintenance personnel, or casino staff. Obtain any keycards or access cards required to enter restricted areas.

Setup Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online’s preparatory missions for the Diamond Casino robbery are essential for gathering necessary supplies, obtaining information, and assembling the crew for the planned robbery. 

Mission Planning and Briefing

It is crucial to have a clear strategy in place before beginning the setup missions. Gather your squad and review each operation’s goals, responsibilities, and tactics. Based on their talents and skills, assign each team member unique duties. Success depends on effective cooperation and communication.

Review the specifics of each setup mission at the briefing, paying particular attention to the mission’s goals, potential roadblocks, and any additional personnel or equipment needed. Take note of any time restrictions or explicit directions given by Lester or other heist participants.

Coordination and Communication

The crew’s ability to work together and communicate effectively is crucial to the success of the setup missions. Establish a clear chain of command and name a leader who can act quickly and assign duties successfully.

Continue to communicate regularly throughout the missions. Use voice chat in-game or other communication tools to distribute information, plan movements, and give mission updates. Clear and concise communication ensures everyone is on the same page and can adjust to changing conditions.

Create backup plans and emergency procedures in case of unforeseen issues or events. Talk about potential obstacles and create plans to overcome them. Having backup routes, escape strategies, or equipment for emergencies can help you get the job done faster.

The Heist Execution

All the planning and preparation for the Diamond Casino Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online comes to a head during the operation phase. 

Choosing the Entry Method

You must choose an entry strategy consistent with the robbery strategy your gang has decided on before starting the heist. How you enter the casino will depend on your entry strategy, setting the tone for the rest of the operation. Choose judiciously based on your crew’s skills from among the entry methods, as each has its rewards and challenges.

The main entrance, staff lobby, rubbish disposal, and roof terrace are some entry points. The direct but well-guarded approach via the main gate calls for powerful combat abilities and firepower. A more stealthy approach is the staff lobby, which calls for social engineering and the capacity to keep up a plausible masquerade. Alternate routes, such as those to the trash can and roof terrace, call for cunning and stealth to enter.

Consider your crew members’ skills and weaknesses when choosing the entry strategy. Ensure your crew is prepared and equipped for any difficulties they may encounter throughout the infiltration phase.

Gameplay Strategies

Coordination, effective gameplay techniques, and flexibility in response to changing conditions are all necessary for the robbery. The following are some essential tactics to increase your chances of success:

  • Stealth and Awareness: If you’ve decided to take a covert strategy, make it a priority to stay hidden by using suppressed weapons, hiding, and using stealth takedowns to silence guards. Keep an eye out for security patrols, camera locations, and other nearby elements of the environment.
  • Communication and Teamwork: Effective communication and teamwork are essential during the robbery. Use voice chat or other platforms to communicate with your crew members, plan movements, and give them updates. Assign roles and responsibilities to each team member to ensure everyone knows their duties and can collaborate effectively.
  • Security systems and hacking: If hacking is necessary for the robbery, designate a knowledgeable team member to handle the hacking tools. They should be skilled in defeating security measures, opening safes, and turning off alarms. Hack security systems, doors, and keypads first to gain entry to restricted locations and gain the upper hand.
  • Planning multiple escape routes and backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances or stiff resistance are essential for escaping and evading. Use your getaway cars wisely, taking into account their speed, toughness, and ability to elude pursuers. Regroup with your team to keep a common escape strategy.

Post-Heist Activiprepare you

There are various crucial post-heist actions to consider after pulling off the Diamond Casino Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online. These actions can increase your prizes, clean up your stolen property, and prepare you for additional heists. 

Money Management and Investments

For long-term success, managing the heist’s earnings is essential. To maximize your illicit gains, take into account the following tactics:

  • Money Laundering: Invest in respectable companies that act as fronts for money laundering to legitimize your gains. Purchase real estate like bars, arcades, or companies like automobile or cargo storage facilities. These properties not only serve as a cover for your illegal activities, but they also gradually produce more money.
  • Property Improvements: You can increase your earning potential by improving your property. Enhancements to your legal company’s equipment, personnel, and security measures can increase their productivity and profitability. Spend money sensibly to boost the income generated by your assets and keep a steady cash flow.
  • Consider improving your fleet of personal automobiles or investing in specialized vehicles and equipment that can help with future heists. Your chances of succeeding in risky missions can be increased by upgrading your vehicle with features like armor plating, indestructible tires, and performance improvements.
  • Investments and the Stock Market: Investigate the stock market in the game to wisely invest your earnings. To make wise investment choices, research market trends, company performance, and economic statistics. Purchasing and selling stocks at the right times might result in significant profits on your investment.


How can I start the Diamond Casino Heist with friends?

To start the Diamond Casino Heist with friends in GTA Online, you need to be the leader of the heist and have completed the necessary prerequisites. Invite your friends to join your heist by sending them an invitation through the in-game menu or by using the interaction menu in the game.

How many players can participate in the Diamond Casino Heist?

The Diamond Casino Heist can be played with a maximum of four players. You, as the heist leader, can invite up to three friends to join you in the heist. Keep in mind that all players must have completed the prerequisite missions and setups to participate.

Can I start the Diamond Casino Heist with random players instead of friends?

Yes, if you don’t have friends available or prefer to play with random players, you can use the matchmaking feature to find players who are also interested in participating in the Diamond Casino Heist. Select the appropriate matchmaking options and the game will pair you with other players looking to join a heist.

Do all players need to own a high-end apartment to start the Diamond Casino Heist?

No, unlike some other heists in GTA Online, not all players need to own a high-end apartment to start the Diamond Casino Heist. Only the heist leader, who initiates the heist, needs to own a high-end apartment with a planning room where the heist can be organized.

Can I choose the roles for each player in the Diamond Casino Heist?

Yes, as the heist leader, you have the ability to assign roles to each player participating in the Diamond Casino Heist. Roles such as the hacker, gunman, and driver can be assigned based on the skills and preferences of each player. Proper role allocation can greatly contribute to the success of the heist.

What happens if a player disconnects or leaves during the Diamond Casino Heist?

If a player disconnects or leaves the game during the Diamond Casino Heist, their role and responsibilities will need to be redistributed among the remaining players. This can be done through the in-game interaction menu. It’s important to communicate with your remaining teammates to ensure a smooth transition and continue the heist.